Who We Are and What We Believe

The Memorial Society of Northeast New Jersey is a non-profit, non-sectarian volunteer organization whose mission is to help people become educated funeral consumers.

Planning a funeral at the last minute is extremely stressful and usually much more
expensive than expected or warranted.

Today, a so–called traditional funeral can cost well in excess of $10,000, but the
Memorial Society can help a family reduce those costs dramatically and still express their love for a deceased member without breaking the bank.

  • We believe everyone, whether as a member of the Society or not,
    is entitled to know all rights and options when planning a funeral.

  • We believe that – through education – people can make the best–informed choices about end–of–life services consistent with their values, life style, and financial circumstances.

  • We believe funeral services should be simple, dignified, and affordable.

  • We believe in pre–planning of funeral arrangements that do not require any pre-payment.

  • We believe families can make better end–of–life decisions when everyone involved is consulted.

  • We believe our members are best served by cooperating with a locally–owned funeral home with high ethical standards and reasonable pricing for only those services the members want.